What Our Residents Say

Nursing Testimonials

Relatives of Mr P – ‘To everyone at Rustington Hall – to Linda and the cleaners and laundry team for ensuring Dad’s room and his clothes always sparkled; to the catering staff for always having something to tempt dad’s appetite, and ours too at times, to Celia, the carers and the nurses for so many things it’s impossible to quantify; to Sarah, Alison, Lianne and Sonia, for moments of inspired support that saved our sanity on occasions; and last but never least to Andy, who amongst the many things he did well beyond the remit of his job, regularly trimmed dad’s beard and cut his hair, ensuring that he always looked very gorgeous right to the last – for the brilliant care dad received from you all in one way or another; for the countless kindnesses to dad and to us; for all the laughter, the chat and the banter, which kept Dad and us smiling; to know that dad wasn’t only cared for, but cared about; to know he was in safe hands when we weren’t able to be with him – we know Dad appreciated everything you did for him and to say thanks doesn’t seem to say nearly enough, but in the absence of anything better, we both thank you, so much.

Relative of Mrs R – ‘I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the care and kindness you showed R during the years she spent at Rustington Hall. It was always a great help to me to know that she was happy and comfortable and surrounded by people who really cared.’

Relatives of Mrs G – ‘Thank you for the kindness and care you have shown to S in the time she has lived here, at Rustington Hall.’

Solictor of Mrs R – ‘Just a short line to thank everyone for the care shown to Toots during her time with you. I know the family are very grateful.’

Relatives of Mr P – ‘A huge thank you to everyone for being so brilliantly supportive, not only to dad, but to us as well.’

Relative of Miss H – ‘I would like to repeat the grateful thanks of my sister and I to all the staff at Rustington Hall for their kind and gentle care for our mother over her last months.’

Relative of Miss B – ‘Thank you for the kindness you showed – it was especially appreciated that you were able to nurse her to the natural end. She was very peaceful in her own room – we could not ask for more.’

Daughter of resident Mr W – “Please pass on our thanks to all your team for the care and kindness you gave my dad”.

Residential Testimonials

Resident Mrs F – “My stay at Rustington Hall was most enjoyable and I would like to express my thanks to all the staff for their kindness and care and especially for the smiling and cheerful attitude in which they approached their tasks and dealt with all requests.”

Resident Mrs J – ‘My sincerest thanks to you all for your tender loving care for the days I was with you after my operation. Being so pampered and spoiled put me on the road to recovery very quickly’.

Resident Mrs R – “The entertainment provided is lovely, I do enjoy it”.

Sheltered housing testimonials

Resident Mrs J –  ‘I love it here because of the freedom and independence with the knowledge that I am looked after or I can come into the estate office if I have any emergencies.

Resident Mrs M – ‘The best thing about living at Oakhurst Gardens is the whole package – you have it right!’

Resident Mrs S – ‘I love the secure living at Oakhurst Gardens – good office and maintenance staff and very attractive gardens’

Resident Mr W – ‘The staff are so helpful, it is safe, prompt repairs, nice surroundings, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else’

Mrs T’s daughters – “Just a little note to say thank you very much for the use of your lovely comfortable Guest Suite. We had an enjoyable stay and would be happy to recommend it to anyone”.